Hip Arthroscopy Australia (HAA) was founded in 2007 in Melbourne by Mr John O’Donnell and Mr Michael Pritchard.  Mr Parminder J Singh joined in 2013.

Hip arthroscopy is a developing subspecialty performed in volume by a limited number of orthopaedic surgeons.

Patients are offered expert advice regarding disorders of the hip and advanced treatment at the cutting edge of international hip arthroscopy.  Techniques such as femoral osteochrondroplasty and labral repair are performed on a daily basis.

HAA perform a significant proportion of all hip arthroscopies performed in Australia and are committed to providing the best care to their patients, research and education of patients, doctors and therapists.  HAA are at the forefront developing and teaching many of the hip arthroscopy techniques now used in Australia and around the world.

There are many causes of hip pain and advances in hip arthroscopic techniques have helped define the current indications for hip arthroscopy.  These currently include femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears, chondral (cartilage) damage, loose bodies, ligamentum teres injuries, iliopsoas bursitis, iliotibial band/trochanteric bursitis, snapping hip syndromes, and hamstring tendinosis and tears.

With a careful diagnostic evaluation and expert technical execution of well-indicated procedures, arthroscopic surgery of the hip can achieve successful clinical outcomes, with predictable improvements in function and pre-injury levels of physical activity.  It may also slow down the progression of osteoarthritis in young individuals.

Appointments can be arranged in Melbourne with Mr O’Donnell and Mr Singh, or in Hobart with Mr Pritchard.

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